Saturday, 14 January 2017


Good Morning everyone, i hope you are all keeping warm and dry. 

So today im sharing the project i made for my brothers birthday.  I bought a plain key shaped key holder in MDF and made it all grungy and metallic, ideal for his workshop i hope.

First i coated it in black gesso, then added die cut embossed cogs, keys and keyholes which are tim holtz grunge board that ive had years, so good to use that!  Pearl drops to look like rivets.  I then coated it all in plenty of black gesso again. Once totally dry i dry brushed on metallic silver and gold paint, making sure not to cover too much of the base black and only catch the raised elements. 

The 'keys' word were plastic alpha letters ive again had years, good to finally find a use for some of this stash.  Lots of coats of varnish to ensure the damp weather doesn't get too the MDF too soon.

another close up of the detail.  Hopefully its masculine enough and ideal for a man cave!

and today i am also sharing the christmas present said brother made me for Christmas, an amazing Daffodil pot which im going to put all my paint brushes in.  Its all made totally out of metal - you cant beat getting a present that has been handmade for you, makes it special. 

Close up of the flower, all made from sheet metal and formed into shape, even down to the fluted edge!   Looks like i will have to start saving those old paint tins when he can use them like this!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend and thank you for looking and following my little blog. Emma x


  1. Such talent in your family Emma. Your key holder is fabulous and I love the daffodil pot. Ideal for your brushes.
    Pam x

  2. Two fabulous gifts
    Today I admire
    Love, thought and time
    Each did require!

    Gift for a workshop
    Keys will now hold,
    Long patient work
    Worth more than gold.

    And for Emma
    A flower will bloom,
    Pot filled with brushes
    Will brighten craft-room.

    Creations to treasure
    Gifts from the heart
    Each one is special,
    Of creator...a part!

    Fabulous gifts! Hugs,Kathleen

    1. oh Thank you Kathleen, perfect words today. Hugs Emma x

  3. Love the key lots of love went into that. The flower pot is great and a wonderful verse. Ginny x
    My Blog As I do Rodos

  4. Stunning key holder for your brother, love it. The daffodil pot from your brother is gorgeous Emma x

  5. WOW! Your brother is as creative and talented as you Emma, both fab projects and I totally agree with you re homemade gifts being the best :) Hugs - Debs x

  6. wow i love the present your brother made you, it looks amazing and your gift to him was fantastic being creative must run in your family

  7. Amazing projects these are both stunning bet your brother just loved that key holder its amazing Love and hugs Carole x

  8. How fabulous they both are Emma, how clever you both are, , and I'm sure appreciated the time and effort you had both put into i them, jeanxx

  9. Fantastic key holder Emma, and the pressie from your brother is fabulous

  10. Emma I think you need to make me one of these you know! Gx

    1. I will see what i can do MrG, thank you. Emmax


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