Monday, 9 January 2017

LittleEm's Thank you cards.

 Good Morning everyone on this grey day.

So today Im sharing a batch of 'littleem's' cards, using the piece left after making 5x5 cards, apertures and curved borders (again!)

These are all approx 3.5x6" in size.  I first cut a curved edge on the front of the card, then an aperture, covered the inside with patterned paper to show through the aperture and edge.  You can have great fun with the die you use for the aperture and the patterned paper. 

Simple stamped greeting. 

And below a get well version

Umbrella die, stamped get well and floral paper, i also edged the umbrella with glitter glue on this one. 

this design is an update on the one in the link below if you fancy a peek

and another use of the leaf die below

Thank you for looking and all your amazing comments so far. Emma 


  1. Hi Emma, welcome to blogland. I love your little Ems, each one is a work of art, keep them coming xx

  2. Fabulous cards Emma, been wondering what you have been up to so I now know where to find you

  3. Wow how stunning are these a wonderful selection Ginny x
    My Blog As I do Rodos

  4. I love these Emma. Your cards are so inspirational. Thank you !
    Pam x

  5. Little Ems
    Your trademark are...
    Now in Blogland
    They will star!

    Air balloons
    And flowers bright
    Send a message
    That's just right!

    Coloured leaves,
    A feather too
    Creative ideas...
    Thanks to you!

    A wonderful set of little Ems!
    Hugs, Kathleen

    1. aw thanks Kathleen, yep since you named them LittleEm's its stuck! lol Emma x

  6. Truly gorgeous collection, love all the designs x

  7. A fabulous set of little Ems, I love them all jxx

  8. Hi Emma, what a lovely little poem your friend has left you, that's really sweet, I love all your gorgeous selection of cards each and everyone of them..
    Hugs Babs x

  9. wow love the little Emms you have done i really must try doing some like this
    another fantastic poem as well

  10. These are gorgeous Emma, fabulous designs.
    Wendy xx

  11. Gorgeous set of little the get well one....Joolsx

  12. Little Emms, and all Little Gems, stunning set of card Emma! xxx

  13. I love your littleem's, the umbrella get well and the leafy thanks are my favourites :) Hugs - Debs x

  14. They are all so simple but so effective, love the idea for C cards, if you don't mind. Gx

    1. Thank you Gemma, please do, they are simple so ideal for batch making. I look forward to seeing what you come up with. Emma x


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