Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Greyscale cats & dogs

Good Morning everyone, i hope you are having a good week.  Boy did it rain here yesterday, better this morning, it was certainly raining cats and dogs yesterday! I wonder where that saying comes from.  So today im sharing my last batch of those crazy cats and dogs.

This time i went for completely different and greyscale, i only added a small touch of colour, one set is red, the second is blue.  I don't think of myself as a colourist, so many talented crafters out there that do amazing colouring in, but i did enjoy having a go!  and its so rare for me not to go full on colour.

Set of 3 DL cards, i first stamped the images on to small white squares and coloured in with distress inks.  I then inked around the edges with grey to give a vignette effect to them.  Matted onto a black frame.  Then i made the card black and mats using white hammered and black cardstock.  No sentiment yet, not decided on that so will add that later. 

Below is a close up of the 3 sets, i added glossy accents to the noses and eyes to add interest

Distress inks used, black soot, hickory smoke and fired brick for the red, although i did use a touch of blue for the grass

2nd set below using blue instead of the red

Distress Ink Colours used black soot, hickory smoke, stormy sky. 

Items used Tim Holtz Crazy cats and dogs mini stamps - CMS272

If you haven't yet seen my colourful attempts with these stamps please follow the links below

Thank you for taking the time to look.  Im quite amazed at my blog stats that i have had lots of visitors from all around the world, So a big hello to you all wherever in the world you are.  

Wishing you all a wonderful day. Emma


  1. Smashing set of cards, just perfect for any one receiving them cheers Sue N x

  2. Wow Emma, these are fantastic. I would love to try this method with my stamps - with your permission of course. I would never take advantage of your wonderful skills without asking first. Obviously my card design would be different, I wouldn't be that cheeky to copy!! Wonderful to read your blog is being read around the world.

    1. Thank you Pam for such a lovely comment and please do give this method a go, i look forward to seeing the results and its lovely to know that my work can inspire others. Its also wonderful to know that manners do still exist out there!! Hugs Emma

  3. An other fab set Emma, love them so nice to hear your blog is gobal.....well done jxx

  4. I do love the crazy B.C.D I never get sick at seeing them, and I just love these Emma, the monochromatic and the hit of Red and blue, there all gorgeous .

    Hugs Babs x

  5. These are fabulous Emma, love those images.
    Wendy xx

  6. they look fantastic Emma it's no good i really need these stamps now after seeing what you have done

    1. ooops sorry Kate for tempting you to spend those pennies:-) x

  7. These are fab Emma and they look so good in grey with just a hint of colour, I bet that nearly killed you!!! Gorgeous work as usual. Kirsty. x

    1. haha thanks Kirsty, yep you know me and my addiction to colour, think i did well to restrain myself! Emma x

  8. Great card Emma, they are brilliant for cat and dog lovers. Gx

  9. These are great Emma they have the look of a film strip and the little splashes of colour are just perfect. It's raining cats and dogs here today I've just come in from walking puppy! x

  10. Brilliant set of them in greys and a bit of red....Joolsx

  11. I love these Emma very effective and great colours.

  12. Purr-fect little cats and dogs
    EM-barked as crafty crew,
    In stylish tones of grey
    Their uniforms Em drew.

    A little hint of colour
    For each she did supply
    So it's not surprising
    They caught reviewer's eye!

    Trendsetters now
    With grey coats sleek
    I'm sure they'll be
    Top dogs this week!

    PS. I'd better add
    Top cats too
    For both deserve
    A good review!

    Fantastic cards, Emma! Hugs, Kathleen

  13. These are just Fantastic Emma.
    Great poem from Kathleen too and well deserved.


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