Saturday, 22 April 2017

The kittens

Good Morning all

Well a few of you asked to see the kittens, so a couple of photos, she had 3 in the end, all pretty dark but you can see one has a white foot.  She was very good but sadly i couldn't keep her so a rescue centre found her and little ones a room.  She is very pretty.  Tilly was very good with her and the kittens but i had to banish the other 2.   What is it with cats, they love a box until you want them in a box😀

For those who didn't read yesterday, this is a stray cat that my old gal brought home thursday in a very distressed state and then i realised she was in labour.  Very long time since ive had kittens. 

and below another new member to our growing family this week 

This is Oscar, he is about 2 yrs old and going to hopefully get on well with our other donkey, fingers crossed!  Oscar is very dark whereas Bengy is pale in colour.  

Thank you for your comments on my card for the Vet yesterday, yes it did take several days to make.  Enjoy your weekend.  Emma x


  1. Oh what cute kittens and the mother looks so relaxed >^-^<
    Love your donkey too :-)

    1. Thanks Alison, i know i was amazed how relaxed she was with me, seeing as i had never touched her before, she was purring in the end, so i was sad to say good bye but it had to be. She is safe and warm now to concentrate on her babies. Emma x

  2. Adorable loving Oscar Love and hugs Carole x

  3. O my...what a sweet cat and her tiny kittens....hope they all find for ever homes....and love your new family member..Oscar....very cute....Joolsx

  4. Such an adorable cat gorgeous donkey Ginny x
    My Blog As I do Rodos

  5. Adorable cat and kittens so cute and love your donkey.
    What a brilliant vet card, love the scenery x

  6. ah bless ... lovely photos ... thank you for sharing ... hope you have a great weekend ... happy crafting and love sandy xx

  7. Wonderful photos, so glad all ended well

  8. Wonderful pics, love Oscar! Your vet retirement card is fabulous! Gorgeous scene you have created.... enjoy the rest of the weekend.
    Wendy xx

  9. I am sure you have done your best for the poor cat and her babies, they are safe and warm now, and hopefully they will have loving forever homes. The photos are lovely.
    Pam x

  10. The mothers looks like she had settled in with you, they are gorgeous.

  11. Oh what a beautiful cat and those lovely kittens.....pity we can't keep them all. I love the sight of the wee one with the white paw. They will be rehomed no bother when they are old enough and Tilly is so special for helping this poor cat. I love Oscar as well.

  12. A www, cute kittens! Very cute donkey too (although I'm not a great fan, only fracture I've ever suffered was from being thrown off a donkey when I was young - that's just me, couldn't have been a horse could it!) haha Lesley

  13. Super photos - it's great that the kittens arrived safely & they all have a place to be together. A lovely picture of Oscar too!

  14. Oh gorgeous wee kittens and beautiful mum. Well done Emma and Miss Tilly for looking after and finding them a new home. Beautiful picture of Oscar, hope he has settled in. Kathy xx


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