Thursday, 14 June 2018

Wirework fun

Good Morning all, i hope the week is going well.

Today i am sharing my first attempts in wirework using craft wire.  This is a very soft aluminum wire with a coloured coating.  Ive often admired wirework and then my mum bought me some wire so decided to just go for it.  No tools other than basic pliers and wire cutters.  Just made it up as i went along - so without patterns.  Taking photos of wire is almost as bad as mirror card - so difficult to get true colour. 

This dragonfly is my 3rd attempt, 1 & 2 are below.

Red & gold craft wire.  Approx 8x8" in size.  I just winged it here, and i know technically dragonflies have 2 sets of wings but i didn't want to hide all the candy twist 'body' as rather liked that.  Its just a case of wrapping the wires, i added a lovely big bead for the head and then a few iridescent beads on the wings to catch the light.  I can't say its a quick craft and takes many metres of wire, but i could sit in the evenings and 'play' 

This photo shows the true colour better and the beads, one of the wings

Showing the body detail and that lovely bead for the head.  I worked in a loop on the back so that it can be hung up, maybe at a window.  Catching the light.

The candy twist tail.  He has already flown to a new home. 

Now onto my first attempt, a stylised rose

Red & Copper wire for the rose and green for the stem, head approx 3x3" in size

For my first attempt i was chuffed with the rose head, not so on the leaves but below shows how i improved on that for my 2nd attempt

my 2nd attempt, this time blue and silver wire for the flower, i also added a lovely blue glass bead to the centre of the flower.  Much happier with the leaves on this 2nd one.  I think like most techniques we learn and hopefully improve for next time.

Close up shows the bead too, approx 4x4" rose head

I really enjoyed this so definitely think i will be doing some more, hopefully improving each time and just learning how the wire works and handles.  I used mostly 2mm & 1mm here, the 1mm is definitely more malleable.  And the good thing about this craft is i don't need lots more stash - well other than a few beads - just as well as think that would drive the family potty going by the size of my papercraft stash😀

Thank you for stopping by and all your visits and comments last week.  Enjoy your weekend.  Hugs Emmax


  1. Morning Emma, your dragonfly is beautiful ,well done for your first attempt I wouldn’t even know where to start the colours especially the green/blue.
    Hugs Babs x

  2. your dragonfly is beautiful Emma Kate x

  3. Wow excellent work love them Ginny x
    My Blog As I do Rodos

  4. WOW Emma what fabulous work. Well done :-)

  5. Wow Emma, these are beautiful, love the rose and dragonfly, I wouldn't know where to begin

  6. Fantastic make Emma, love the shimmer of the colours

  7. What a fun wire dragonfly Emma and your roses are super cute.

    Hugs Diane

  8. Marvellous wire work Emma, love the roses, you can certainly put your hand to almost anything now! Steph x

  9. Wow, well done I love it.

  10. AnonymousJune 15, 2018

    Brlliant dragonfly Emma nd I particuarly like the green and blue colours on your super are so talented ..Jacqui x

  11. Brilliant work Emma, I love the rose.
    Pam x

  12. they're FAB, Emma - you never cease to amaze me with your never ending talents - you are so clever!!!!!

  13. They are great, love the rose and the colours on the dragonfly, well done , love it x

  14. Wow Emma, you have made some amazing projects with your wires. I love the roses and your dragonfly is beautiful. Your so talented. Big hugs Kirsty. x


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